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As technology is transforming and evolving with big steps, we also have to adapt to its development as much as possible. Our knowledge and the information that we receive and collect cannot only depend on what we have obtained in school. Often when we start a new job or we want a job increase, we face difficulties because new software and programs are increasingly being used. Even the existing ones are constantly updated, so our knowledge should be updated as well. Here comes to help Tirana Center of Technology, our course center and our method of teaching “hands-on modular education” modular education in practice.

Nowadays many different work areas and professions are combined with each other. For example, a civil engineer or architect needs to learn a programming language to understand and make the best use of their engineering software, or an economist or financier needs to learn about the graphics of a website to propose the most innovative ideas. Modular education in practice, led by senior experts, intends to divide information into smaller sections, so you can study only what you need. This method saves you a lot of time and you don’t have to stop working or hold your life in pause just to get new information about a program, but you can do it at the same time with other commitments you may have. This way your knowledge increase and in parallel you will be more efficient and job upgrades will be more frequent. Software and programming languages ​​have a lot of information, but an intelligent lesson would be to learn just the parts you need. Students, office workers, engineers etc. will always need to get information about technology and its development because expanding knowledge should never stop. A human can never reach his maximum intelligence capacity because this capacity is infinite.

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