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3D modeling software can be a huge advantage for any graphic designer

3D images are replacing 2D images (flat images) in all industries around the world. Especially in marketing, 3D graphics convey a deeper, more realistic image, bringing the product to life and increasing sales. 3D images have are also present in engineering industries because 3D images are more detailed and create a real life demonstration.

Start a training in graphic design 3D modeling physically or live online and add your skills to the world of graphics, whose skills are always in demand. The visual industry today and in the future is being built on the computer and less on the reality. The skills you will gain in 3D modeling will open up various opportunities in online media and professional advertising.

Duration 9 weeks, full in practice, twice a week for two and a half hours,  At the end, equip yourself with the “3D Modeling” certificate.

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