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ASP.NET MVC C# Programming


About this course

In this course you will learn web development starting from level zero. This course will prepare you for web development in full stack but the course focuses in MVC framework. In this course you will also be introduced to razor technologies. This course uses knowledge from C# programming, HTML and database. Through the course instructor will ask for individual work. This training is 100% in practice “Hands On”. We learn by doing.

Microsoft ASP.NET is a web development framework that’s used to build dynamic web pages, interactive web services, and robust data-driven web applications. It is a part of Microsoft .NET framework.


Audience profile

Anyone who wants to become a web developer with Microsoft technologies. Any student and young specialist aiming at becoming ready for their first job. This course is not a beginners course, prerequisite to this course is basic knowledge on C# programming, front end scripting (HTML) and some database knowledge. This course aims at getting you job ready.


240 Euro / 30.000 ALL, or you can choose Online Live for 160 Euro / 20.000 ALL


At the end of this course you will be able to create web application with ASP.NET MVC framework as well as become a junior developer.


  • How to setup a project in .NET Core MVC
  • Create an empty project
  • Development Mode vs Production Mode
  • Application Configuration
  • What is MVC?
  • Project folder structure
  • My first Model in MVC
  • Repository interfaces
  • Data mockers
  • Service Configuration
  • My first MVC Controller
  • My first MVC View
  • ViewModels in MVC
  • Layout, ViewStart and ViewImport files
  • Adding Bootstrap using bower.json file
  • Entity Framework Core Configuration
  • Replace mockers with real repositories
  • Database initialization and Migration
  • Partial Views
  • Using Models with real examples
  • Using Controllers with real examples
  • Setting up Home Page of my application
  • ViewComponent file in MVC
  • Tag helpers
  • Route Configuration
  • Navigation Menus of my application
  • Identity Configuration
  • Log In method
  • Register Method
  • Account Views
  • Authorization in .NET Core MVC

Basic programming knowledge in C#, also basic knowledge in HTML and database. Also, the desire to web development through Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET MVC C#.

The length of this course is 45 hours. This course is held in the evenings twice a week from 2.5 hours each session. Course is taught in Albanian or English language. All training materials are distributed online.

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