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C# Programming Beginner

About this course

This course starts C# programming language from the beginning, but it is of great help to have basic programming concepts and knowledge. With the right instructor training programming does not need to be difficult, programming is structured and logic. This training is 100% in practice “Hands On”. We learn by doing.

C# is a modern, object-oriented programming language intended to create simple yet robust programs. C# is the core language of the Microsoft .NET framework. In this course, students gain the skills to exploit the capabilities of C# and of the .NET Framework to develop programs useful for a broad range of desktop and Web applications.

Audience profile

Programming beginners and students with basic programming experience who wish to continue learning Microsoft programming language C# and those targeting web development through ASP.NET MVC C#. This course is a prerequisite to the .net course. Great first course for young professionals who want to start a career in Microsoft programming language.


300 Euro / 30.000 ALL

After completing this course, you will be able to code in C# programming and ready to start web development with ASP.NET MVC C#.

  • Structure of a simple C# console application.
  • Input/output operations. Compiling, Running. Beginner tips, fixing errors.
  • CTS (Common Type System). Examples with them.
  • Creating/Using/Converting Data types. Selection statements (if, switch, break, goto)
  • Practice: Using selection & iteration statements
  • Value vs Reference Types. Methods and parameters
  • Arrays vs List (Collections)
  • Dictionaries, Queues, Stack, HashSets
  • Debugging & conditional breakpoints (new features)
  • Different libraries for specific cases. Using npm.
  • OOP (class, object)
  • Handling Basic Exceptions
  • Access Modifiers
  • Inheritance & Composition
  • Polymorphism
  • Using Properties and Indexers
  • Practice: Working with classes
  • Creating Interfaces
  • Sealed/Abstract Class.
  • Working exercises
  • Extension Methods
  • Working with files
  • XML Documentation
  • Working on an API project
  • Events, Event Handling, Delegates
  • Linq – Lamba Expressions
  • Working exercises
  • Unit testing using NUnit.
  • Windows form app, basic calculator application. (Intro to .net)
  • Configure a simple connection to SQL Server

Basic programming concepts with any programming language and the desire to learn C# programming aiming at Microsoft languages and framework.

The length of this course is 45 hours. This course is held in the evenings twice a week from 2.5 hours each session. Course is taught in Albanian or English language. All training materials are distributed online.

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