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Career guidance

Career guidance

Student orientation is a fundamental process at Tirana Center of Technology (TCT). During the orientation process TCT staff discusses with each student potential career opportunities, job positions and skills required to become marketable. The orientation process is customized based on each student’s background, goals and his strengths. During this process we get to know our students very well which will directly effect his or her experience at the training center. Cofounders with over 15 years of experience in the IT, software, data and design sectors guide students with the best of their knowledge about market trends. Often, other instructors join the career guidance process by assisting with their own experience. 

At student’s arrival the administrative staff takes the student to one of the cofounders and/or instructors based on the career interest. We are happy to assist anyone of you with all the knowledge accumulated during this years at training youth and working in the field.

Basic orientation criteria

Experience has shown that higher grades in analytical high school or university courses could be an indicator that you will be fine as a software developer, data analyst or IT. This criteria is not exclusive.

Previous engagement with technology, hands on projects and desire is a must to start any career.

In order to register for an intermediate or advance course we will test you through some practical examples.

We also reccommend you try cognitive tests online as an indicator for your ability to apprehend programming or data skills. You should score over 40% in sites like: testgorilla.com,  simbioticsltd.com,  aptitude-test.com,  mettl.com.

This is not an exaustive list of criteria.

***Join our courses and will be a life changer!***

At Tirana Center of Technology, we reccomend you to:

  1. Present yourself well
    1. Own a professional email addres (username)
    2. Build a curriculum vitae (Europass) or resume (US)
    3. Learn how to write a cover letter
  2. Develop projects and make them publicly available in sites like Github
  3. Build your network and your skills
    1. Join professional sites like: LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed
    2. Read through job descriptions of your interest and get to know the tools and concepts.
  4. Interviews

Tirana Center of Technology has been operating since 2015 and through the years we have worked with different companies which take our students on internships.

Some of our partner companies: Facile.it, Kreatx, Bilanci, BNT electronics, Horizon, Forsitek, Digicom, Rayonit, RASH, Gesolutione, Service Factor, The Tech Pro, Databooz, Intermedia, Webin, Opur, Epertsystems, ecnpartners etc.

We also work with job placement companies as well: E2Partners, ExpertaConsult.

The best students are sent to companies to continue their learning through internship. Lastly, we keep in touch with our students through surveys done by email or phone calls.

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