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IT Staff

Practical training courses are offered for IT staff who are either waiting for an available employment opportunity elsewhere, or for those who are employed and are seeking to continue augmenting their knowledge in programming, computer networking or server administration.

Our training center achieves this through different levels of IT (such as: C++, JAVA, C#, Python, MS SQL Server, PHP, ASP.NET MVC C# 4.5, JAVA EE) and Cisco ICND1, ICND2, Windows or Linux Server Administration.

Universities/ High School

TCT welcomes all high school students with gifts in informational technology to take part in our courses as well, which will help you choose the direction you would like to take for university. The courses for high school students start with Computer Diagnostics. This course does not require you to know any technology software prior to starting.

Also, courses like Web Design & AdSense-Analysis, MS Excel for Intermediate to Advanced levels, for beginners the basic package of Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook and typing with ten fingers on the keyboard) are general courses which are necessary for new interns and students of schools to take for different projects.


***A course is the most beautiful way to enrich and change every day of your life***

At Tirana Center of Technology, you will:

1. Add to your IT knowledge and grow personally.
2. Create a social network.
3. Have a pleasant and enjoyable evening.
4. Learn in a group – which brings you joy and energy.

All courses are now offered online! These are instructor led courses where the student will be part of a group of 4 which will learn by doing!

Tirana Center of Technology offers the best courses in Informational Technology in Tirana and Online:

Laboratories: We count 6 labs fully equipped for best learning experience + 1 extra lab for online only training.

Instructors: Experts from large companies with plenty of experience.

Evening and weekend courses in order to meet the needs of students and others who are employed in Tirana and surrounding areas.

Space & Location: 200 m2 on Rr. Durrësit (across from the Qemal Stafa high school)

Space & Location: 200 m2 on Rr. Durrësit (across from the Qemal Stafa high school)

Social spirit: ✓

Investing in either your own or your child’s professional growth is the best investment in this world. Informational Technology is the highest employment profession in the world, adding to the joys of this job that comes from the continuous development of technology throughout the world.
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