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JAVA Enterprize Edition SPRING Framework

About this course

This is an advance level JAVA programming. It has been prepared for JAVA programmers who already have average JAVA knowledge. This is the most advanced JAVA course we offer. This is a web development full stack course. Even though this course covers advanced concepts our instructors simplify learning by guiding students through practical examples demonstrating on the job best practice and simplest solutions. It is important to note that advanced courses include more concept explanation then low level courses. The course is 100% “Hands On”! Practice makes perfect with proper guidance!

Audience profile

SStudents and young professionals who already have JAVA programming knowledge, and some basic database and HTML knowledge. The aim of this course is to take students into a junior level web development profession in JAVA Enterprize Edition with the SPRING framework.


300 Euro / 30.000 ALL

Part1 – Introduction to the spring framework

Session 1

  • Quick Java Recap
  • How Web Works
  • Quick intro into Spring

Session 2

  • Git Explanation
  • Maven Explanation
  • Advanced intro into Spring
  • DI (Dependency Injection) in Spring

Session 3

  • Spring java configuration
  • Spring xml configuration
  • Advance Di.
  • Quick Intro into AoP (Aspect Oriented Programing).

Session 4

  • Advanced Aop.
  • Quick Intro into Spring Profiles
  • Wrap it all in Demo project for Part1

Part2 – Spring on web

Session 5

  • Intro in Spring MVC
  • Intro into thyme leaf
  • MVC Patter
  • Build Spring web app.

Session 6

  • Command objects and Spring MVC validations
  • Rendering web views
  • Build BE dummy data
  • Wrap it all in a Thyme leaf Crud example

Session 7

  • Advanced Spring MVC concepts
  • Spring web flow.
  • Securing web app.
  • Quick Intro into Junit Test

Session 8

  • Form Validations Approaches
  • Demo project for part 2
  • Login Implementation
  • Quick Intro into Spring Security

Part3 – Spring in Back-End

Session 9

  • Introduction to Be concepts
  • Introduction to Database.
  • Database Configuration in Spring
  • Working with queries

Session 10

  • Introduction to ORM(Object Relation Mapping)
  • Hibernate Introduction
  • JPA Intro and explanation
  • JPA Entity Relationships explanation

Session 11

  • JPA && Hibernate Configuration
  • Persist Data using ORM
  • Unit testing repository layer
  • OneToMany and ManyToOne Examples

Session 12

  • Spring data JPA Simple examples.
  • Demo Project Part 3
  • Logg4j and Be best practices
  • Wrap of Be module with examples

Part 4 – Spring in BE Advanced && Integrating Spring

Session 13

  • Introduction to DAO pattern.
  • Examples of Dao patter with predicate Implementation
  • Introduction to typed query.

Session 14

  • Query Validation
  • Query Advanced Search
  • Query Lazy loading
  • Typed Query advanced Examples

Session 15

  • SOAP vs REST
  • Json vs XMl
  • Rest APi with Spring
  • Rest Api best Practices
  • Rest Api validations

Session 16

  • Removing Spring boot
  • Spring to spring boot.
  • Final Project Requirements explanations
  • DB Design Hints.
  • Git basic tutorial

Part 5 – Working on final Project

Session 17

  • Implementing FE

Session 18

  • Implementing BE
Intermediate JAVA programming knowledge, database, front end development with HTML, CSS.
The length of this course is 45 hours. This course is held in the evenings twice a week from 2.5 hours each session. Course is taught in Albanian or English language. All training materials are distributed online.

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