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LPIC1, Exam 101-500

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Linux is the most popular OS on the Server side, with an increasing number of users every day.  It is becoming increasingly valuable to have Linux skills, as the role of Linux will continue to expand and many industry experts expect it to become the dominant operating system for most  types of applications. Due to its free and Open Source nature, most of the companies choose Linux!

This course covers all the topics as published on www.lpi.org  and prepares students to pass the LPIC-1 101-500 exam. Based on the assessments during the training students will feel confident taking the exam.

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This course is for anyone who wants to develop knowledge into the world of Linux and aims to become professional in it : PC Technician, Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer , IT Manager


Topic 101: System Architecture

101.1 Determine and configure hardware settings

101.2 Boot the system

101.3 Change runlevels / boot targets and shutdown or reboot system

Topic 102: Linux Installation and Package Management

102.1 Design hard disk layout

102.2 Install a boot manager

102.3 Manage shared libraries

102.4 Use Debian package management

 102.5 Use RPM and YUM package management

102.6 Linux as a virtualization guest

Topic 103: GNU and Unix Commands
103.1 Work on the command line

103.2 Process text streams using filters

103.3 Perform basic file management

103.4 Use streams, pipes and redirects

103.5 Create, monitor and kill processes

103.6 Modify process execution priorities

103.7 Search text files using regular expressions

103.8 Basic file editing

Topic 104: Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

104.1 Create partitions and filesystems
104.2 Maintain the integrity of filesystems
104.3 Control mounting and unmounting of filesystems
104.5 Manage file permissions and ownership
104.6 Create and change hard and symbolic links
104.7 Find system files and place files in the correct location

All you need is a computer / laptop and a passion to learn, practice and implement Linux. There is no other prerequisite.

The length of this course is 45 hours held in 18 sessions. This course is held in the evenings twice a week from 2.5 hours each session. Course is taught in Albanian or English language. All training materials are distributed online.

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