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Tirana Center of Technology

MS EXCEL Intermediate training

About this course

This course will teach you from basic formulas to the most advanced ones, functions, validations and charts. This way you can be a powerful MS Excel user. This course is designed for specialists aiming at becoming MS Excel advanced users.


This course is recommended for students, graduated students, business analytics and anyone aiming to become an expert in using MS Excel.


250 Euro

  1. Basic formulas
  2. Text Formulas
  3. Small and big formulas
  4. VLookup formulas
  5. Index formulas
  6. Match formulas
  7. Relative and Absolute cell references in formulas
  8. Paste special + formula editing tips and tricks
  9. Format cells
  10. Using Excel tables
  11. Conditional formatting
  12. Pivot tables
  13. Basics of graphics
  14. Filter and advanced ordering
  15. Validation

Basic or very basic MS Excel knowledge.

Course is 45 hours, 18 sessions, each session 2.5 hour. Course is available in English and Albanian. Materials are all included online.

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