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Python Programming

About this course

On this course you will start Python programming language from the beginning, but it is of great help to have basic programming concepts and knowledge. With the right instructor training programming does not need to be difficult, programming is structured and logic. This training is 100% in practice “Hands On”. We learn by doing.

Python is a general-purpose programming language gaining a lot of ground rapidly in the last few years. Python is a popular language for data science and machine learning. Companies process data from different sources to gain more insights to their data. In this course you will learn data processing from different sources and ways to store and manipulate data, and helpful data science.

Audience profile

Programming beginners and students with basic programming experience who wish to continue learning Python programming language to prepare themselves with world market knowledge. This course is a basic course and from here on you can continue to advance in data science and machine learning.


At the end of this course you will be able to create program to process and manipulate data from different sources.
• General introduction
    o Python introduction
    o Introduction on data analysis and data processing
    o Installation, configuration and first python program
    o Variables and basic data types (strings, lists, dictionaries, …)
    o Control Flow ( if-else conditions, loops, …)
    o Exercises

• More python knowledge
   o Organise the code (functions, modules, packages)
   o Read and write files
   o Intro to Object-Oriented programming
   o Exercises (OOP)

• Numpy package and N-dimensional arrays
   o N-dimensional data structures
   o Intro to Numpy
   o Manipulating arrays (create, access, slice, index…)
   o Exercises (Numpy and arrays)

• Pandas package
   o Intro to Pandas
   o Data manipulation using Pandas (series, dataframes)
   o Read and write local/remote files with Pandas (.txt, .csv, .xls, .json, …)
   o Exercises (manipulate data with Pandas)

• Data preparation and pre-processing
   o Data collection and selection (indexing, slicing, …)
   o Data wrangling
   o Data cleaning
   o Deal with missing or incorrect data
   o Exercises (deal with real datasets)

• Databases
   o Connect to databases with the DB-API2 and SQLAlchemy packages
   o Dataframes from database tables
   o Execute SQL from the pandas package
   o Dataframe manipulation (merge, join, concatenate, …)
   o Exercises (manipulate data from databases)

• Matplotlib package and graphical representation of data
   o Data visualization: plots and charts with matplotlib
   o How to interpret the graphical structure of the figures
   o Figure modification, important attributes and arguments
   o Exercises (generate and modify figures)

• Advanced topics
   o Data summarization and aggregation methods
   o More advanced functionalities of pandas
   o Split-apply-combine dataframes
   o Data transformation (reshaping, resizing, pivotting)
   o Introduction to statistics
   o Exercises

• Summary and more…
   o Recall of all the knowledge gained
   o Exercises with interesting real datasets
   o Predicting the future with time series
   o A glimpse of machine learning
   o Conclusion

Basic programming concepts with any programming language and the desire to learn Python programming aiming at technologies of the future.

The length of this course is 45 hours. This course is held in the evenings twice a week from 2.5 hours each session. Course is taught in Albanian or English language. All training materials are distributed online.

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