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Programming & development training
Start your programming career with our “Hands On” programming courses!
Computer & Network training
Explore our “Hands On” PC & networking courses on Cisco equipment. Become a network admin!
Server Administration training
Become a system administrator with our “Hands On” server courses.
Design & Digital marketing training
Enjoy our UI, web design and social media marketing course.
Database & data processing training
Immerse yourself into database and data processing courses.

About Us

Since 2015, Tirana Center of Technology (TCT) is a career advancement training center specialized on informational technology (IT & Programming). Now TCT is doing Online training courses! For international students courses are also held in English language. We focus on Microsoft, Linux, Cisco Systems and Virtualization products. Our training center is holding instructor led online training courses which students can attend from their home.

TCT experts/instructors work in private or public companies, and they share their expertise with the students at the Center.
TCT is classified as an institution that teaches practical knowledge and it follows a “Hands-on” approach. We believe that preparing for life in a workplace and confidence are gained only through the knowledge that can be learned in practice. TCT is certified by the government of Albania, also certified as an international exam center.

Our expertise

Courses Instructed in English

TCT is instructing IT courses in English language for international students…

Clients & Projects

TCT is contracted by domestic and foreign for high quality work that is on time…

Ten month learning programs

Enroll in 5 course training for a complete preparation with discounted prices…

Training in Tirana & Online

Encounter practical curricula, use modern technology and meet experienced instructors…

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Cyber Security Training

Today, I want to discuss a common misconception in the realm of Information Technology, particularly regarding cybersecurity. In Albania, there's a belief that newcomers, hence new graduates, to the field can swiftly transition into becoming cybersecurity...

Company staffing

staffing with young professionals Since 2015 Tirana Center of Technology continues to prepare young students in IT, programming, data & design. It is our duty to close the gap between universities and the job market. Companies operating in Information...

company staffing with young professionals

Graphic Design – 3D modelling

3D modeling software can be a huge advantage for any graphic designer 3D images are replacing 2D images (flat images) in all industries around the world. Especially in marketing, 3D graphics convey a deeper, more realistic image, bringing the product to life and...

Modular training “Hands On”

As technology is transforming and evolving with big steps, we also have to adapt to its development as much as possible. Our knowledge and the information that we receive and collect cannot only depend on what we have obtained in school. Often when we start a new...

The difference between TCT & University

How does the university differ from the professional courses at Tirana Center of Technology (TCT)? Two entities with different objectives but complementary purposes. At the university: At Tirana Center of Technology: 1. Prepare as engineers Learn...

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