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How does the university differ from the professional courses at Tirana Center of Technology (TCT)? Two entities with different objectives but complementary purposes.

At the university: At Tirana Center of Technology:
1. Prepare as engineers Learn techniques
2. Build concepts Implement concepts
3. A degree which shows your field of expertise. “Hands on” practical learning in your field of expertise.
4. Project a wall Lay bricks on the wall
5. Climb a floor Walk the first steps
6. Prepares you as a whole Prepares for the first job
7. Raise questions Answers questions
8. Exercise to find answers Learn best practices
8. Prepare you for 10 years at once Prepares you for the first year at work
9. Learn problem solving Learn a programming language
10. Understand theoretical solutions Learn the cheats
11. Live in a community Live also in another community

With a lot of work, you can become whatever the university aims for you, but together with the professional practical courses at Tirana Center of Technology, you will also be equipped with the basic skills to perform the first job you will face.

Perfecting the profession also brings love for the profession!

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